Home & Business Networking Solutions

Wireless Routers and Range Extenders have become a day to day requirement in any home with the explosion of social media, Fibre Internet and tech gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers and games consoles. Here at as-computers we specialise and sell IT equipment, which can link up your entire home creating a wireless mesh and removing any black spots.


Your router links your home network to the internet or WAN (wide area network) Upgrading your router is a quick and easy way to improve the range, speed and stability of your network. As-computers installs and sells various types of router offering improved performance over the router supplied by your service provider.


Powerline kits are the perfect solution if you need a wireless or wired Internet connection in rooms away from your router. They can help connect Non-wireless devices or devices with a cabled connection, such as Desktop PCs, Game consoles or Smart TVs by using the electrical circuitry around your home.

Range extenders

Range extenders offer a solution to homes, which do not have internet coverage throughout the home. Strategically placing a range extender will supply Internet connectivity to black spot areas. A range extender can also be used to send wireless signals in to the garden for summer days spent in the garden relaxing.

Network Switches

Network switches are used to connect multiple devices to a single network via ethernet cables. Perfect for business use, more secure and faster than wireless setups.